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Elder Care Management

Building Trust Every Day

Elder Care Services When You Need Them

Personal Care

When services beyond the family are needed -- inside or outside the home -- I provide you referrals from a list of proven providers.

I can also investigate, screen and then oversee those that you have hand-selected.

I use an array of tools to help you make the best choices, including:

My step-by-step process helps you adjust to change at your pace.

When It's Time for a Move

Maybe you have decided to downsize, move to a retirement community, assisted living facility, or nursing home.

A bit of strong advice here--Do NOT rely on the word of retirement community or personal care marketing personnel as to the details of your housing or care contracts.

Many times, well intentioned but uninformed marketers will relate what they believe to be a policy, and too late you find that the corporate office in another state disagrees. And the documents you just signed put them in control of your destiny!

I will review closing documents, interpret and translate retirement community contracts and provide you with a blueprint of how to evaluate your prospective new home and service provider contracts.

I cover the details that can make or break your move.

Covering Elder Care Costs

Most of us need to watch what we spend. Planning to afford a healthy future should start as early as possible.

Even with a late start, there are low cost or free resources in most communities that can compliment and not overtax that precious family caregiver.

Financial planning for health care, housing and food involves insurance.

It is best to consider all of your options under Medicare, VA benefits, Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP (food assistance) and private long term care insurance, as well as state and local entitlements.

I help you evaluate your options and apply for benefits.

Then advocate for you while keeping you informed of deadlines or other requirements.

I help shorten your path to success at the lowest cost.