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Elder Care Management

Building Trust Every Day

Planning for Success

We all want to be ready.

No one should have to make long term decisions during a crisis.

Planning helps you spend your hard earned money wisely. To anticipate the more difficult passages in aging. And to preserve a healthy family dynamic.

All are key ingredients to physical and psychological security in our golden years.

And to maintaining autonomy and happiness as ​we age.

I Offer a Comprehensive, Efficient Process

It is quite normal to feel uneasy when faced with evaluating:
  • what we value most
  • whom we trust to provide us care
  • how to manage our money
  • which family members are best suited to stand by us
  • how our roles as family and community leaders may change

You benefit from my experience in legal counseling and mediation, and my knowledge of the often complex aspects of anticipating one's future needs.

I make it as simple as possible with checklist reminders, easy to use forms and a personal review of your present circumstances, goals and resources.

Together we craft a flexible plan for you.

What are Some of the Considerations?

Following are issues we often discuss. I will provide you an article on each topic to stimulate your thinking so that all options are given consideration.

  • Retirement that considers more than just assets.

  • Communicating effectively among family members

  • The fine details of Home Health Care

  • Financial Planning that navigates the senior services maze

Preparation is the first step to avoiding crisis.